Coach Mike Gough

Mike Gough is a sports performance coach who specializes in helping athletes become faster, quicker, agile and more explosive. He is known for his 40 yard dash and NFL Combine training programs where he has helped the likes of Joseph Addai, Amobi Okoye and over 30 other athletes play in the NFL.

The effectiveness of Mike's work is best measured by his client’s success. After training with him, many of his athletes have gone on to compete at the highest levels of amateur and professional sport. His passion is helping athletes of all ages increase their sports performance through training programs.

Mike Gough’s Speed Tools™ training gear was designed to allow athletes of all sports and ages the ability to improve their sports performance on their own.



Coach Mike Gough's Speed Tools 

As a world class Strength and Conditioning coach and NFL Combine Training Expert, I bring you the latest in sports performance training equipment designed to take your game to the next level.

Being a dynamic athlete means Speed, Agility, Quickness and Explosive Power. My Speed Tools™ training gear is designed to help you increase speed, power, reaction time, agility and footspeed.

Parachutes, Agility Ladders, Medicine Balls, Speed Hurdles, Speed Resistors, Speed Sleds and much more I offer you in my Speed Tools™ training collection.

This high quality training equipment is durable and used by the top athletes in the world. If you are focused on increasing your performance, my Speed Tools™ are the missing link in your training program. 

Featured Products

Speed Tools Total Training System

Speed Tools Agility Ladder
8 Meters

Speed Tools 12" Endurance Hurdles

Speed Tools 6"Agility Hurdles

Speed Tools Speed Sled

Speed Tools Pro Leg Toner




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